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(XR) Extended Reality is an umbrella term for (AR) Augmented Reality, (VR) Virtual Reality, & (MR) Mixed Reality. Mixing physical worlds with virtual environments & digital assets is the next major computer platform, otherwise known as (XR) Extended Reality. Brands & startups alike are engineering (XR) & 5G to merge all immersive applications & hardware of the AR, VR, & MR markets. The use cases of Extended Reality are infinite: Healthcare, Education, Webinar, Automotive, Enterprise, Business, Telecommunications, Training, AI, Gaming, Casinos, Real Estate, Culinary, Hospitality, Travel, Interior Design, Fashion, Retail, Aviation, Aerospace, Engineering, Construction, Sports, Film, TV, Art, Music, Dance, Dating, Social Media, Family, Fitness, Advertising, & Brand Engagement. The potential for (XR) Extended Reality is limitless. With a market projection of $200 billion by 2022, many believe (XR) is set to be the most disruptive technology of the near future.

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